Student Services Department

The primary goal of CESA 8 Student Services Department is to provide a comprehensive set of programs, staff, and services to assist districts in meeting the needs of their students, implementing best practices, and maintaining legal compliance.  Direct services, related services, consultation services, and professional development are available.  

Meet the Student Services Office Staff

lisa misco

Lisa Misco

Director of Student Services

920.557.2813 or 920.855.2114

ext. 233

brenda jozwiak-boldig

Brenda Jozwiak-Boldig

RSN Director/Director of Special Education

920.557.2799 or 920.855.2114

ext. 225

sue lambrecht

Sue Lambrecht

Student Services Program Assistant/Budgeting

920.557.2814 or 920.855.2114

ext. 238

nikki herald

Nikki Herald

Students Services Program Asst./PDSESS Program Asst.

920.557.2802 or 920.855.2114

ext. 232

lisa hoffman

Lisa Hoffman

Fiscal Assistant