RSN (Regional Special Education Network)

Wisconsin Statewide RSN is an  IDEA (Individual with Disabilities Education Act) discretionary grant that was started during the 1984-85 school year. The project has been annually funded since that time to provide leadership, professional development, and technical assistance services to all LEAs (local education agencies) within each CESA. Services provided through IDEA discretionary grants including the RSN are free of charge regardless of CESA membership.   

The mission and focus of the CESA RSN is to support local school districts in the CESA 8 region so that all staff can positively  impact academic and social/emotional competencies of students with disabilities. This work is done in collaboration with the DPI and a statewide network that represents leadership from each CESA agency.


The mission of the Regional Special Education Network (RSN), an alliance of CESA special educators, is to promote continuous school improvement which supports full educational opportunity for children with disabilities.

Essential Function 1: Support Continuous Systems Improvement

Regional Special Education Network (RSN) Directors support systems improvement and systems change by developing LEA's capacity to use data for analysis and action planning so that practices are implemented effectively in order to advance educational achievement for students with disabilities within a multi-level system of support.

Essential Function 2: Develop Leadership Capacity

Develop leadership capacity by providing support and training around technical and adaptive change so that LEAs know the conditions under which effective teaching and learning happen.

Essential Function 3: Foster Collaboration

Develop collaborative relationships so that LEAs’ efforts to promote academic, career and community-based opportunities for students with disabilities are coordinated and aligned.

Essential Function 4: Engage in Professional Learning

Engage in ongoing professional learning to develop and apply knowledge of grant initiatives and skills that impact adult practices to advance educational achievement for students with disabilities

The local CESA 8 RSN Director attends monthly meetings in collaboration with DPI and various stakeholders to learn updated information in the areas of College and Career Ready IEPs, procedural compliance, using data to support student outcomes, and understanding how to provide technical assistance to districts through an integrated contract. CESA 8 RSN disseminates information, coordinates regional meetings and provides specialized training to local districts to increase outcomes for students with disabilities.
For more information, please visit DPI RSN.

For more information, contact:

brenda jozwiak-boldig

Brenda Jozwiak-Boldig

RSN Director/Director of Special Education

920.557.2799 or 920.855.2114

ext. 225

nikki herald

Nikki Herald

Students Services Program Asst./PDSESS Program Asst.

920.557.2802 or 920.855.2114

ext. 232