Mission Statement


Everyone Engage in Educational Excellence


All CESA 8 districts will have highly engaged students, staff, families, and communities



Honoring the differences and perspectives of all whom we serve


Cooperating within and outside the agency in a caring, consistent manner


Improving continuously to provide exceptional service


Pursuing new ways of thinking and doing


Managing customer and agency resources responsibly

Principles of Service

Student Engagement

Student engagement is a child’s visible and intentional investment
 into his or her schooling experience (adapted from Finn, 1993).

Education for Economic Development

Education for Economic Development and Community Engagement insures that, through community partnership, students are ready for the next economy.

Care for the Human Element

Care for the Human Element is a strategic direction, by all stakeholders, recognizing that people matter and that their development is essential personally and organizationally.  A strategic direction focused on Care for the Human Element mitigates the challenges of a vulnerable future talent stream.

Governance for Learning

Governance for Learning focuses on coherence between the Board of Education, Administration, and all other stakeholders within the education community on our priority improvement actions.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement works on the system, knowledge, beliefs, and necessary adult actions and processes to improve value propositions to customers.