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CESA 8 supports school districts with training and processes to develop a culture of organizational improvement with collective focus and commitment based on Lean Six Sigma principles.

Districts choose an entry point for aligning goals, strategies, systems, processes, and professional development. Some example starting points include:

  • Developing mission, vision, and values statements;

  • Trainings on Lean principles and continuous improvement coaching;

  • Analyzing systematic root causes of outcome data;

  • Prioritizing current initiatives to focus on the impactful few;

  • Leadership coaching to align actions to strategies to goals.

Additional supports could include:

  • Strategic planning and key performance indicator identification

  • Leading indicator data systems and tool development

  • Monthly or periodic coaching sessions

  • Expanded organizational training to distribute systems of thinking, doing, and leading

Each district receives a customized approach to developing and implementing a continuous improvement system designed for the district size, needs, and organizational context to ensure that everyone is engaged in educational excellence.

For more information, contact:

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JoAnn Miller

Director of Continuous Improvement

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