Word Bank

animals                          sea                           germination

air                                  seed


Step 1:


1.             The Life Cycle of a Tree begins with a tiny___________ that falls off a grown tree.

2.             The seeds travel to new places by ___________, drifting on the ___________, and sticking to __________.

3.             Once the seed is on the ground, it will begin the process called _____________________.

4.             Sketch what the baby tree looks like at this stage?







Word Bank

 shoot                            water                              roots


Step 2:



5.             The new plant starts its life by sending ___________down into the ground and a ____________ up to the surface. 

6.             The roots bring ____________ and  _____________ from the ground up into the new sapling.

7.             Sketch what the growing tree looks like at this stage?






Word Bank

  sunshine                       leaves                           sunshine



8.             The young tree needs water, minerals, and ______________ to grow large.

9.             As the tree grows, its branches fill with green ___________.

10.     It uses the warm ______________ to help its leaves make food to grow tall and strong.

11.     Sketch what the tree looks like at this stage?





Word bank

 die                              wood                             years

Step 4:


12.     A tree can grow to be many __________ old.

13.     A tree’s life can end when its ____________ is used or if it becomes diseased and _____________.

14.     What might a tree look like at the end of its life cycle?  Draw two or three examples of how a tree is used.



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