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Due to recent financial problems, the Olympic Committee is considering dropping one summer and one winter sport. You are part of a team of past medalists in your sport selected from a variety of countries to report to the Olympic Committee. You love your sport and do not want your sport dropped from the Olympics! As a team member, you have a unique role. After members gather information and statistics, your team will prepare a multimedia presentation on the history, statistics, and the future of your specific sport for the Olympic Committee.


Your team needs to convince the Olympic Committee that your sport, along with the Olympics in general, has a rich history.

Using a spreadsheet and graphs, demonstrate that your sport has many participants (both male and female) from a variety of countries.

Have gold medalist results shown improvement in time or distance since 1928? You will want to demonstrate that your sport is not static.

Conduct your own class Olympics!

Is the Olympic Committee really in poor financial condition? Use music, graphics, information from the Internet, a detailed multimedia presentation, and personal opinion on what you feel is the future of your sport (anything but bribery please!) to convince the Olympic Committee (the rest of your class) that your sport should remain in the Olympics.


The steps for completing this activity are as follows:

  1. You will be assigned to teams of five. Within each team you will study a specific sport from the summer or winter Olympics. Teams will be randomly assigned to one of the following sports. (If your class is smaller, choose at least two from each category.)
  2. Summer Sports

    Winter Sports


    Ski jumping

    Shot put



    Alpine Skiing/ Giant Slalom


  3. The following are the team member assignments:

Team Leader



Most Recent Olympic Participant

Futurist and Cheerleader

If any team member finishes early, they should help their teammates. Remember you have a common goal--to keep your sport in the Olympics.

3. Project: Prepare a multimedia presentation to present to your class, which will include slides that demonstrate the following elements:

  1. Which sports will remain in the Olympics? Have your class (the Olympic Committee) vote after all presentations are complete.

  Internet Resources:

History of the Olympics

Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum

Olympics Through Time

CBS Sportsline History

Winter Olympics

The Context of the Games and the Olympic Spirit

CBS Sportsline KidZone

The Historical Stuff

The Olympic Movement (Winter Games)


Olympic Statistics

Olympic Statistics-Medal Counts

Olympic Almanac

IOC Financial Indicators (at this site, click on IOC Financial Indicators)


Olympic Games

CBS Sportsline Arcade


Additional Sites for Help

Ask Dr. Math

Ask Jeeves

Common Equivalent Weights and Measures

Currency Exchange Calculator

Definition of Mean, Median and Mode

How to Make a Graph


Percent of Decrease

Percent of Increase

CESA 8 Home Page (graphics)


Click here to see a rubric of how you will be graded.


In your journal or notebook, write a paragraph telling why you liked or did not like this activity. List new things that you learned (possibly team skills, Internet skills, making a multimedia presentation). List the number of ways that you used math in this Math Olympic WebQuest. (Be sure to use correct punctuation and complete sentences. You know how important good communication skills are! You might really have to present to the Olympic Committee--or to your company committee in the future!)

  Teacher Notes

Click here for a timetable, materials needed, a form to use for Class Olympics, math standards, and an additional math activity site.







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