Tops and Bottoms--

A Gardening Quest

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After several years of successful planting and harvesting vegetables, Hare and Bear have decided to take a well-deserved vacation. They have asked you, their four neighbors, to plant and harvest their crops for the upcoming growing season. In return for your hard work, Hare and Bear will split the profit with you "right down the middle." In doing this favor for them, they have three requests:

 1.) That you plant 4 vegetables--2 tops and 2 bottoms

 2.) Give them a description of those vegetables

 3.) Make a minimum profit of $5.00




Your job will be to research 8 vegetables and then decide as a team which 4 vegetables you will plant in your garden to make the profit you need. For the 4 veggies you choose, each member will write a descriptive paragraph about their vegetable. You will then make a book for Hare & Bear which will include:

 Four descriptive paragraphs

 One illustration of each vegetable

 Your garden grid




  1. Each member must choose 2 veggies--one top and one bottom--from the vegetables below. Please make sure no one in your group has the same vegetable.
  2. Carrot








  3. Print and use this research log to "harvest" your veggie facts.
  4. To research your vegetable, click on your veggie icon above to view a list of web sites.
  5. View all web sites on your veggie. Record information on your research log.
  6. After researching, share your facts with your group. Now decide as a group which 4 veggies you will plant in your garden to make at least a $5.00 profit.
  7. Please Click here for the garden grid activity.
  8. Each member will now use their research log to write a descriptive paragraph about one of the vegetables.
  9. Add a picture of your veggie to complete your paragraph page
  10. Now make a group book. Include:

 1.) Your team's garden design

 2.) 4 descriptive paragraph pages

10. Present your book to your neighbors. 




Your garden design activity and descriptive paragraph page will be evaluated based upon the following rubrics.

 Click here to view the Teamwork rubric.

 Click here to view the Individual rubric.

 Click here to view the Wisconsin Academic Content Standards addressed in this WebQuest.




You, the neighbors, have worked hard this spring and summer planting and harvesting Bear and Hare's gardens. They have returned home to find your hard work has paid off. They have read your gardening research logs and enjoyed your vegetable books so much, that they are willing to split the profits--do you want the tops or bottoms?!



Teacher Notes/Resources

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