to a Multiple Intelligence Interactive Lesson Plan

Created by: Joan Casper, Joyce Kerr, Kathy Kostrova, Lisa Mongin, and Kari Vanden Heuvel

I need You to join my fire fighting team!

Smokey needs more boys and girls to help him spread the word about fire safety. Join Smokey's team and discover his rules for fire safety and prevention. To earn your very own Fire Safety Badge STOP and take a minute to do the activities, DROP everything you are doing, and ROLL your way to...





Listen to teacher selected reading materials that will help you to begin your junior fire marshal training.


Student: Click on Sparky to read Sparky the Fire Dog.


Teacher: Click on book for resource ideas on Fire Safety.





Our friend Hydro needs your help. His home is filled with many fire hazards and he's counting on you to help him find them. Good luck with your search!


Student: Click on the house to start.


Teacher: For a related activity click on burning house.





Now let's meet Buzzy the Smoke Detector, Reddy the Fire Extinguisher, and Squirt the Water Drop to learn some important fire safety tips.

Student: Click on Buzzy for some coloring fun.

Teacher: Click on Reddy for crossword puzzle.




Let's get ready to STOP, DROP, and ROLL!

Student: Click on the match for life saving information.


 Teacher: Click on the green circle for activities.Click




WOW! You're well on your way to earning your Junior Marshal Badge. Now you'll learn the importance of having an escape route for your home.


Student: Click on the notepad to draw your own escape route and tell or write why fire safety is important to you and your family.

Teacher: Click on the house for information on an escape route.




Now, here is what you have been waiting for, Smokey Bear!



Student: Click on Smokey for some fun filled activities.

Teacher: Click on Smokey for educational environmental information.




Congratulations on making it this far! Let's Fire Up for our final activities. To become a Junior Fire Marshal you will need to first complete the Junior Marshal quiz and create a group slide show presentation illustrating what you have learned about fire safety.


 Student: Click on badge for Junior Marshal quiz.

Student: Click on the flame for an example of a slide show.


Teacher: You will need Power Point to view the example of this slide show.



Thanks to you and your awesome efforts on fire safety, you have earned your official Junior Fire Marshal Badge. Congratulations!


Click on the flames for slide show rubric.



Click on the flames for the Wisconsin Academic Content Standards and Information and Technology Literacy Standards addressed in this project.


Teacher Notes: Click on the flames for additional information on multiple intelligences along with additional fire safety ideas.




Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Thank you.