cooperative educational service agency 8

Business Department

Aly Tress, Director of HR and Business Operations, atress@cesa8.org

Joelle Soderbeck, Bookkeeper - Payroll, jsoderbeck@cesa8.org 

Heather Koebach, Accountant -   hkoebach@cesa8.org

Jessica Kaczmarek, Business Office Coordinator, Jessicak@cesa8.org

Susan Lambrecht, Special Ed. Budget Coordinator, slambrecht@cesa8.org

DPI School Financial Services Homepage Fiscal Information Page
CESA 8 Current Reimbursement Allowances Chart

  • Payroll:
    Payroll checks are issued on the 15th and last day of each month. Questions regarding a CESA 8 payroll check should be directed to
    Joelle Fisher
    , Payroll Bookkeeper, 920.855.2114 ext. 256
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable:
    Heather Koebach, 920.855.2114 ext248
  • Miscellaneous Fiscal:
    Questions regarding any other area of a fiscal nature (i.e., categorical aid payments) should be directed to
    Alyson Tress
    , Director ot Human Resouces and Business Operations, 920.855.2114 ext. 222

    Phone Number: 920.855.2114
    Fax Number 920.855.2299