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Regional Service Network

Julie Philipps, Program Assistant, jphilipps@cesa8.org

  • RSN

    The Wisconsin Statewide Regional Service Network (RSN) is an Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) discretionary grant that was started during the 1984-85 school year. The project has been annually funded since that time to provide leadership, professional development and technical assistance services to all local education agencies (LEAs) within each Cooperative Educational Service Agency (CESA). Services provided through IDEA discretionary grants including the RSN are free of charge regardless of CESA membership.

    In support of the State Superintendent’s Agenda 2017, the DPI Special Education Team is pleased to align its focus with the Office of Special Education Program’s (OSEP) vision for improving outcomes for students with disabilities through “Results Driven Accountability.” The new framework, introduced in 2013-14, is based upon all IDEA Discretionary grants working in a more coordinated, systematic manner.

     The three main goals drive the current RSN efforts:
    Goal 1: Advancing Educational Achievement:
    Improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities by coordinating technical assistance and support to high-need LEAs through collaboration with discretionary grant staff.

    Goal 2: Communication and Leadership:
    Build Special Education leadership capacity to ensure that Special Education Directors in LEAs have the knowledge and skills to ensure compliance with IDEA and promote best practices for students with disabilities in their agencies.

    Goal 3: Professional Development and Conference Attendance:
    Improve knowledge, capacity, and skills of special education related topics as an RSN Director to support goals 1 and 2. Through conference attendance and professional developments, RSN Directors will increase their knowledge and skills of special education related topics, particularly around those that relate to Indicator 1 and 3c.